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Introducing our Glueless Bundle - the ultimate solution for achieving a flawless and realistic lace installation, with a touch of savings!


Bee Stokes Styling Lace Tint Spray:


Experience the transformation with our Bee Stokes Styling Lace Tint Spray. This highly pigmented spray instantly matches your lace to your skin tone, making it virtually disappear into your scalp. Achieve an undetectable install and a natural look with our buildable lace tint shades, catering to a range of complexions. Whether it's lace wigs, lace closures, or lace frontals, our top-notch lace tint spray is your key to confidence.



Instantly changes the lace color to match your skin tone

Four shades available: Light Warm Brown, Light Brown, Medium Brown, and Dark Brown


Apply several coats for your desired tone


Wig Grip Band (Available in 3 Colors):


Say goodbye to worries about wig slippage with our Wig Grip Band. Crafted with high-quality silicone material, it provides a secure hold for your wig without compromising comfort. Adjust the band for a snug fit that ensures a safe and reliable solution for wearing wigs. Plus, it's washable in cold water, so you can keep it fresh and ready for any occasion.



Provides a secure grip for your wigMade with high-quality silicone material

Fully adjustable for a comfortable fit


Edge Brush:


Polish your look effortlessly with our versatile Edge Brush. Designed with a brush and comb on one end and a pin tip on the other, it's the perfect tool to style the fine, delicate hairs at your crown. Achieve a polished and stylish finish with ease. Its sleek and lightweight body allows you to carry it in your handbag, ensuring you're always ready to touch up your hair and look your best.



Brush and comb combination with a pin tip for delicate styling

Sleek and lightweight design for easy portability


Upgrade your lace game with our Glueless Bundle, featuring everything you need for a flawless and secure lace installation. Embrace the confidence that comes with a natural and seamless look - no glue required!


*Please note: Lace Tint Spray is intended for external use only.

BSS Glueless bundle

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